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Urine drug test - private

Drug Testing

Urine test for drugs - private


When we smoke cannabis, we introduce into our body systems active substances called cannabinoids - among them the active psychoactive substance THC. These substances are absorbed and processed by the body's systems and become metabolites (metabolism products) - those metabolites are excreted in the urine and are measured by the various drug tests. For example, the main substance the police look for when testing urine is THC-COOH - the byproduct of THC.

The drugs we consume can remain in our body, in the fat tissue and be released slowly in the urine after several days and up to several weeks.


We perform a urine drug test for a teenager, boy or girl, for the purpose of testing for authorities or a workplace, the test is performed privately with complete confidentiality.


All you have to do is coordinate with us and we will take a urine test from you in the presence of a professional staff member. This is a quick and painless test.

The test is performed in a certified laboratory and the answers should arrive within 24 hours from the moment of taking. You can receive the answers by fax   or by email. 
The test is performed in a licensed laboratory with experience and professionalism in deciphering the test findings and has quality control.
The test findings are kept confidential and are not passed on to law enforcement agencies.


How long the drug remains remain in the urine:

Marijuana and cannabis hash - 3-30 days depending on whether the user is light or heavy.

Opiates (heroin, morphine, codeine)  - 2-3 days

Methadone - 3-5 days

Amphetamines - 2 days

Cocaine 2-3 days

Benzodiazepines - 2-10 days depending on the type of drug. Example ASSIVAL about 10 days, LORIVAN, VABEN, CLONEX, XANAX  - about 5 days.

We perform a urine test for the 5 drugs listed above, one or more tests can be performed.


How is a urine drug test performed?

The client is supposed to come to our clinic, urine must be given in a sterile cup, the laboratory personnel draw the urine into a test tube. The test tube is sent to the laboratory. The answers will be sent to the customer later.

There is a possibility that you come to us or we will come to your house.

The result  provided does not constitute a legal reference.

How long will it take to get answers?

Usually on the same day, except in cases where the answers are the next day.

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