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The company "Ahot private " is engaged in providing services to the general public, the elderly and nursing patients.

Our company   provides care, supervision and private security services in the hospital and at home, so you can be sure that your loved ones are in good hands. In addition, we provide services of a nurse for spot treatments such as injections, wound care dressings, infusions, performing an EKG at home, private blood tests and other treatments that are performed in a hospital, we perform at the client's home. The company was established in order to provide the best professional service, for the well-being of the hospitalized elderly   and other patients and for the satisfaction of family members. The professional staff members who are at your disposal for privacy are qualified brothers and sisters, or professional therapists, who provide the patient with close supervision and dedicated care. Matching the therapist to the patient is a very important process, which is carried out in conjunction with the family and, if possible, with the patient himself. The services include, among other things, assistance in operations that require assistance, accompaniment in the recovery process from surgery, and close supervision can be continued at the patient's home for confined patients or for the elderly whose health is weak and who need help with daily functioning. A nurse/therapist will provide the patient with all of the above in a very professional manner.

אחות פרטת

Our company is a provider of healthcare services, nursing therapists and professional nurses among the leaders in the field.

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