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Why invite a private nurse to your home?

It is important for us to take care of our family above all else. When there is a relative who needs medical assistance, we will help him as much as possible.

In the hospital you stay for long hours, surrounded by sick people, some of whom are contagious. It happens that in the hospital the health condition of your loved ones is in greater danger than at home.

According to the State Comptroller's reportIn 2013 between 4000-6000 die each year from infections in medical institutions.

5-10% of those hospitalized acquire one or more infections during their hospitalization.

70% of acquired infections are resistant to one or more antibiotics.

It is estimated that the rate of infections acquired in health institutions in Israel ranges between 40,000-100,000 infected each year (National Center for Infection Prevention).

There are quite a few medical procedures that do not require going to a hospital,But not everyone is aware of the existence of alternative options.


So you bring your loved ones to the hospital, because for you, that's where the professionals who can help them are.

As is known, the professional staff in hospitals are very busy,

And even if they really, really want to,

The staff cannot always give them all the attention they deserve at the desired time.


When you need a doctor then there is usually no choice, but there are procedures that a nurse performs,

Like dressing a wound, an injection, or a blood test.

If all you need is a sister...., don't lower your head!


It is possible to order a private blood test service delivered to your home,

most hours of the day. We perform blood and urine tests such as count, chemistry, pregnancy, hormones, cancer markers, vitamins, infectious diseases and a wide variety of other tests. We perform over 800 types of tests.

A qualified and skilled brother or sister will perform all the necessary tests in your home,

You will receive courteous, personal, professional and comfortable service,

with results to the private email, and usually on the same day.


and most importantly! No need to worry - you won't have to take anyone out of the house,

We will do this in your comfortable and natural environment, where the recovery will be the best and fastest.

In addition, the company "Private Nurse"   provides a private nurse service at a high level

By qualified nurses only, who will take care of you in the best possible way.

We also provide  nursing services, for those who need close nurse monitoring.


Contact us to order, and we will contact you for a free consultation.

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