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Performing an EKG in a private home

אקג פרטי בבית





We perform an EKG chart at home for those who are interested in preparation for surgery or a medical examination according to a doctor's request. Intended for people who are unable to move or those who are interested in home service or patients uninsured such as tourists.
A nurse will come to you to perform the EKG chart. The test will be performed at your home in a place that is most convenient for you.

The service provided is private, intended for anyone who needs an EKG chart. An EKG is not performed on those suffering from chest pain unless there is a doctor present at the location who requires the chart.

As usual  we do not interpret the EKG chart, the interpretation is done by a doctor separately

For details you can call us, the service is free.

So what should be done:

  1. Call us to schedule an appointment

  2. A nurse comes to you and performs your EKG chart.

  3. The chart is given to you for clarification with a doctor.

It should be noted,   We do not work with the cash registers, the service is private.

Anonymous testing with guaranteed confidentiality. Trained staff.

Need a test ecg chart at home ?

With us you can get the service.

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