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Private nurse - inserting a urinary catheter at home

Fast service for urgent cases

Private nurse service for the purpose of inserting a silicone or poly urinary catheter at the client's home.
Intended for people who have urinary retention due to diseases or prostate or nursing patients who depend on a catheter.


With us, the service is delivered to your home, a private nurse comes to you for the purpose of inserting a silicone or poly catheter, performs the operation in a sterile process with appropriate equipment. A silicone catheter is intended for 3 months. Foley catheter (yellow) is designed for one month on average.
A doctor's referral approval is necessary for income / expenditure.


There is also a catheter removal service as part of the detoxification process. It is usually removed early in the morning and within 8 hours if the patient does not urinate or if during the 8 hours he feels the need to urinate without being able to, the catheter must be returned a second time.


With the service of a private nurse, the patient and his family members are spared the trouble of going to the emergency room, the long and exhausting wait, including the risk of exposure to infections.

Your time is very important, there is no need to bother and worry.

We will come to your home.

Call now and we will advise you.

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