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Infusion fluid infusions - private

A private nurse service comes to you for fluid infusion at the customer's home. Intended for patients who will become dehydrated due to the inability to drink, patients with nausea and vomiting, due to a viral or bacterial disease, nursing patients who are unable to consume liquids or palliative oncology patients who need fluid infusion due to the inability to drink and eat.


At our private nurse service, a qualified and skilled nurse will insert Venflon aseptically without pain, connect the fluid infusions according to the amount required by the instruction and wait or guide the family as needed.
If necessary, treatment is continued the next day and there is no need to take out the Vanaflon.
Private blood tests can be performed at the same time for evaluation and further treatment.


In cases where there are nursing patients with considerable difficulty inserting Vanaflon, a subcutaneous needle can be inserted and the infusion will be given for a large number of hours. The liquids are injected under the skin and are absorbed slowly. The family receives an orderly instruction on disconnection at the end of the procedure.

So how is the procedure performed?

1. call us and present the problem.

2. Adapters due.

3. A brother / sister comes to you for the transfusion.
It is very important that the decision be made with medical advice or a doctor's referral. 

With the service of a private nurse, the patient and his family members are spared the trouble of going to the emergency room, the long and exhausting wait, including the risk of exposure to infections.

Your time is very important, there is no need to bother and worry.

We will come to your home.

Call now and we will be happy to assist you.

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