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Sending a blood test abroad

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Viral disease testing

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Serology test

B. Vitamins in the blood

B. drugs in the blood

Blood tests for pregnancy

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Blood test for Down syndrome in pregnancy.


Testing for hereditary diseases.

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blood tests

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A. Thyroid

Need to send a blood test abroad?

Don't know how to do it?

With us you can get the service.

With us we sample blood tests privately and send them abroad.
Shipment of blood products is considered biological shipment with international standardization.
We carry out the entire procedure from the moment of taking the blood test until sending the test tube abroad to Europe, the USA or the Far East.

Shipping is carried out according to an accepted standard and according to the requirements of the laboratory receiving the test.

Can also be sent with dry ice if necessary.

The test can be sent up to   36 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours.

For details you can call us, the consultation is free. A doctor's referral is not necessary.

So what should be done:

  1. Call us to find out details and make an appointment.

  2. They give us the details of the laboratory abroad and what they require (type of test tube, serum, plasma, dry ice, arrival time from the moment of collection, etc.).

  3. Adjust the date of collection. (recommended Monday to Wednesday)

  4. A nurse comes to you, takes the sample and takes it to the laboratory for preparation and shipping.

  5. You can also come to us (of your choice).

  6. A tracking number will be sent to you later.

There is no need for a doctor's referral, we do not work with the coffers, you can also come to us.
Anonymous testing with guaranteed confidentiality. Our team is skilled. Performs smooth and non-traumatic sampling.

It should be taken into account that sending a test tube with this blood is considered a biological shipment and handling biological material abroad is a strict procedure.

There are those who send it by regular shipping and risk it for nothing.

* We do not take responsibility for the arrival time of the shipment in case of strikes by customs or government authorities, in case of malfunctions of the shipping company or any other problem that is not related to us.

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