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Measles antibody test - private

Do you need a blood test for measles antibodies?
With us you can get it privately


Measles disease

Measles (Measles or Rubeola) is an acute and highly contagious viral disease that causes patients with a characteristic rash and a general bad feeling. Measles is caused by the Paramyxovirus.


The disease is transmitted from person to person through respiratory secretions and contact with a sick person. Measles is a human disease and is unknown in animals.

Measles is very contagious, and in a population that is not vaccinated, it can exterminate more people.

It is an important cause of death among young children worldwide, despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine.


The incubation period, the time between contracting the disease and the onset of its symptoms, lasts about 7 to 18 days, with the usual time being 10-12 days.

Measles is contagious 4 days before the appearance of the rash and 4 days after its appearance.


Pregnancy and measles:

Measles can cause premature births or miscarriages. In principle, the disease is not considered harmful to the development of the fetus. It is recommended to check antibody titration before becoming pregnant.

There is a vaccine for the disease, anyone who has not been vaccinated or has contracted the disease may become infected. People who suffer from suppression severe of the immune system may get sick even if they have been vaccinated or have been sick in the past.

In Israel two vaccines are given and this should cover for life.

The vaccine is recommended for anyone who has not been vaccinated or has received only one vaccination injection.


The reason: a single vaccination injection does not provide a full vaccination.

A blood test for antibodies can be performed to find out whether you are vaccinated against the disease or not.

Who is it intended for: women nearing a planned pregnancy, those who have not been vaccinated, those who have received one vaccine, foreign workers and residents, those who have been exposed to a patient and are not sure if they have been vaccinated for work in the medical field.

How is it performed?

A blood test is taken from the vein into a test tube. It is not possible to take a test from a finger prick.

The service is private, regardless of the cash registers. There are insurances that reimburse all costs depending on the type of insurance.

You can come to us at the station for blood sampling, or occasionally there is a service to the house for those interested. A qualified and licensed nurse comes to you to take the blood test.

It is necessary to make a head-to-head coordination, the answers within 7 business days, except in exceptional cases it is necessary to coordinate by phone.

You can enter the full list of additional viral diseases.

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