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Private stoma nurse



A stoma is an artificial opening in the abdominal wall designed for the drainage of feces or urine into the excretory bag.

There are two types of stoma:

A. Permanent stoma: for life.

B. A temporary stoma, which is used as a bypass for procedures, and is made when a section of the intestine needs functional rest. After the recovery of the intestinal segment, the stoma will be closed in another operation and the natural intestinal activity will be resumed.


Studies indicate that stoma surgery has effects on a patient's daily functioning in the psychological and physical realm, patients report worries and concerns related to the lack of skill to treat a stoma such as: difficulty connecting the bag to the base, fear  leaks and skin irritation around the stoma, fear That the bag will swell and explode under the clothes, etc.


We at the company offer the service of a skilled and expert stoma nurse with 10 years of experience  in the treatment of stoma patients, the service includes: replacement of stoma equipment, explanation and training, adjustment of equipment and auxiliary accessories when skin irritation treatment is needed, etc.


All you have to do is contact us and we will arrange for you a stoma specialist nurse who can give you the stoma care and training service of your choice.

Remove worry from your heart we are here for you. We will come to your house.

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