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Blood test for HIV

The HIV virus

Acronym for Human immunodeficiency virus,
And in Hebrew: the human immunodeficiency virus comes from the "retrovirus" family, that is, the hereditary material of a virus succeeds in various ways in entering our DNA in this way, while taking advantage of the cell's biological replication system, the HIV defines its actions for the cell and "commands" it engage in the production of new HIV viruses, HIV attacks the victim's immune system and white blood cells (the HIV virus penetrates the bloodstream and identifies a white blood cell of the T-helper type whose role is to activate the immune system and regulate it. This cell is also known as T4 or CD4 -   whose function is to locate bacteria, viruses and cancer cells in the body and "call" other white blood cells to fight them. The virus enters these cells, replicates itself and causes the destruction of those cells, the virus basically damages the ability of a system The immune system detects dangers and thus harms the body's self-defense.


In our laboratory, we perform a blood test for the presence of the HIV virus. The type of test we perform:
HIV 1,2 Abs + P24 Ag

The blood test is taken by a qualified nurse with the full details of the patient including a photocopy of the ID card.
In the event that the blood test is positive or borderline (due to any viral disease that can be a distorted image), there is a need for another blood test two weeks later for further clarification in the laboratory (Ministry of Health procedure for certain clarification). All tests are subject to a fee. The chance of another blood test  is small but exists.

The test is reliable and confidential and does not reach any medical institution.

The test is done in a licensed laboratory with all the required documents and certificates.

All you have to do is contact us and schedule an appointment. You can come to us or we will come to you.

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