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Tests blood for viral diseases

blood test hepatitis HEPATITIS B

blood test hepatitisHEPATITIS C

blood test herpesHERPES

blood test CMV

EBV test

RUBELLA antibody test

Measles antibody testMEASLES

blood test forHIV

blood test forHIV

VARICELLA ZOSTER antibody test

Blood test for syphilis VDRL

Blood test for Toxoplasma TOXOPLASMA

Corona serology test- covid 19 blood test

Corona serology test for N protein- A specific test for those recovering from corona

General tests

List of viral diseases

blood culture

Stool tests

Serology test

B. Vitamins in the blood

B. drugs in the blood

Blood tests for pregnancy

Blood tests before surgery

Tests for STDs

genetic tests

Blood test for Down syndrome in pregnancy.


Testing for hereditary diseases.

Blood tests for pregnant women

Urine tests

General urine

Urine chemistry

Urine culture

Drugs in urine

Metals in urine

blood tests

Chemistry test
Kidney function
Liver function

Blood lipid panel

blood count


A. Thyroid

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