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Stool test

Need a stool test?
We perform all types of stool tests.

PCR stool test The most accurate test for detecting parasites in stool. 
The test tests 6 different types of parasites. Contact us for more details

PCR stool test

Stool culture to identify bacteria that are not found naturally in healthy people and may cause problems in the digestive system. Culture test  faeces in a certified laboratory. Contact us for more details.

Stool culture privately

If you need a test for helicobacter in the stool, we perform a test for helicobacter in the stool or breath privately, a test to identify the bacteria in the digestive system. All you have to do is get in touch.

Helicobacter test in stool 

Need a calprotectin stool test. You have come to the right place. Contact us and we will do the test for you.

Calprotectin stool test

Testing for Clostridium difficile bacteria in stool Clostridium difficile Infection-CDI, in a certified laboratory.

Clostridium test in stool

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