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Corona antibody test - protein N

Do you need a blood test for antibodies to the N protein corona?
With us you can get it privately
A specific serology test for a person who has contracted corona.


What is a specific test for protein N for a person recovering from corona?

This is an antibody that appears after a natural illness with the corona virus and not after vaccination and it indicates infection in a person who has not necessarily developed symptoms.

This protein is called protein N (Nucleocapsid protein). This is a protein that is found in people recovering from a natural disease.
We can perform a specific serological test for the N protein.

Who is the test suitable for?

Example: A person fears that he has contracted the corona virus and he does not know or is not sure that he really has. This N protein test that tests for antibodies can be done after a natural illness. In addition, a person who is vaccinated and thinks he is sick, this test can indicate that he is sick with corona despite the vaccination.

When do the N protein antibodies appear?

The antibodies to the N protein appear between  a week to 3 weeks after infection with the virus.

Is the test suitable for a person vaccinated against corona?
No. The test for the vaccinated tests the level of antibodies in general (TOTAL IgG) and does not test specific antibodies to the N protein.

test results.

A "positive" result means that with a relatively high level of certainty (99.9%) the person had exposure to the corona virus in the past.
It is required to update the website Ministry of Health Regarding the conditions for issuing a green note.

A "negative" result (for the purpose of defining recoveries) means that no antibodies to the corona virus were found, but does not rule out exposure to the virus in the past. It is possible that the test was performed too early before the antibodies were found or it was performed after too long a period and the level of antibodies dropped to a very low level.

How long does the level stay in the body?

There is no exact information.

The test results are reported to the Ministry of Health in accordance with its instructions.
Protein S test results will arrive once a week on Friday.

The cost of a serology test is 630 NIS
You can also come to the house for an additional fee. in accordance with the company's terms and conditions
* You can get a more conditional discounted pricein a journal entry

The cost of a PCR test from a notebook - NIS 500 

You can also come to the house for an additional fee. in accordance with the company's terms and conditions


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Did you know that...
70% of medical decisions are influenced by the results of laboratory tests!

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