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Corona antibody test - serology

Do you need a blood test for antibodies to corona?
With us you can get it privately
Serology test for covid-19

Antibody test for corona privately at home.
How do you know that you have antibodies to Corona? You are debating.

Very simply, you perform an antibody test for Corona and get a result. Do you have antibodies now?

The level of antibodies against the corona virus, appear in the blood between 6 days and 21 days after infection with the virus. The level reaches its peak after a month of exposure to the virus and gradually the level decreases in the blood.


How long does the level stay in the body?

There is no exact information, for now it is believed that the level is maintained for 4 months.

Corona serology test results:

  • A positive result means that with a high level of certainty the person had exposure to the corona virus or after receiving two doses of the vaccine against the virus. The result does not indicate with certainty the degree of immunity and the duration of immunity to infection.

  • A negative result means that no antibodies to the corona virus were found, but does not rule out exposure to the virus.

  • An uncertain / borderline result means that the test could not be deciphered, and the test must be repeated after two weeks or more.

  • It should be noted before leaving the country, there are countries that require results for both tests: PCR and serological.

Questions regarding serology testing

  1. Where can a serology test for corona be performed?
    You must contact us and we will arrange a time and send a nurse to take the blood sample at your home or at a place convenient for you. The results will reach your personal email.


  2. I received a positive serology answer - am I sick with corona?
    A positive serology answer indicates exposure to the virus several weeks ago, or that you are vaccinated and now have antibodies against the disease and not necessarily an active disease.


  3. Will I receive an answer of the amount of antibodies?
    Yes. The answer is the amount of antibodies.


  4. In the past, I was definitely blue in a PCR test (sampling in a blood sample). Now, if I do a serology test, and they find antibodies, does this mean that I am vaccinated against corona?
    Not necessarily. Today there is not enough knowledge to assess the immunity against the corona virus in people who have been infected with the virus, and it is not yet known whether antibodies found against corona indicate immunity, there are several cases of people who have been infected with the corona virus a second time after they have recovered.

    Results  A serology test (protein S) will arrive once a week on Friday.

The cost of a serology test is 630 NIS
You can also come to the house for an additional fee. in accordance with the company's terms and conditions


NA serological test for corona will be performed if needed Detecting the presence of antibodies in the blood after an illness - testing for antibodies to the N protein.

The cost of a PCR test from a notebook - NIS 500 

You can also come to the house for an additional fee. in accordance with the company's terms and conditions


Our company works in collaboration withMedical-service company. 

for PCR corona test (detailed) come in

and availability

anti sars cov 2.

Did you know that...
70% of medical decisions are influenced by the results of laboratory tests!

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