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Private nurse service to the home, private blood tests

Private Nurse Service

Welcome to a private nurse company Ltd. we will give you and your family members the professional treatment And the most kind, a sense of security, which comes from the fact that you are in the best hands  that you could ask for.

Private nurse - provides:


Medical laboratory service of all types of blood, urine and stool tests.

Private nurse service that includes injections, dressings, infusion, catheter, EKG and private supervision and guarding in the hospital and at home so you can be sure that your loved ones are in good hands. We provide nursing and welfare services and private services of a nurse for spot treatments, all of which are characterized by a particularly high level of service.

The professional staff members who are at your disposal were carefully selected after a screening and acceptance process for privacy purposes. The staff is divided into qualified nurses , or professional therapists, who provide the patient with close supervision and dedicated care. A nurse for private care in a hospital and at home is often needed after surgery, during hospitalization or after discharge from the hospital.

The principle we stand behind is to bring nursing services from the hospital to the home.

Together with you, we will choose the treatment or the nurse who will meet your needs and who will give you kind, respectful and warm treatment.

Ordering a private nurse is currently possible at the health insurance funds through private health insurance. You can easily order a private nurse for each home. It should be noted that the supplementary insurances give financial reimbursement to patients after surgeries. In order to reduce costs, and to order a private nurse at an affordable price, it is recommended to compare prices between the different nursing companies. The cost of a nurse exceeds the cost of a caregiver due to her professional training and experience. The patient's needs must be coordinated with the family.

A staff member of our company will accompany the family, guide and guide in everything related to keeping your loved one.


 What should you find out??

Hiring a private nurse from us significantly helps the lives of patients and their families. When ordering a private nurse for blood tests or for a specific service / treatment from our services, it is advisable to provide as many relevant details as possible. Expectations must be coordinated in the first conversation.

We will explain the procedure, performing the operation, receiving results and will be happy to answer any questions that arise.

In addition, a private nurse provides a nurse service for all types of blood, urine and stool tests that are necessary, including the service of infusing antibiotics through the vein at home, all types of injections, dressings, EKG catheter replacement and more.

Go to the link: Why should I invite a nurse to the house?

Good care is what you needed!
For your peace of mind

Private blood tests Private nurse

nurse services

Private nurse for custody
Injection nurse
Treatment of pressure sores
blood tests

Chemistry test
Kidney function
Liver function

Blood lipid panel

blood count


A. Thyroid

Food intolerance

  • When to perform blood tests?
    For the most part, the doctor's recommendation is to perform general blood tests once a year. This is the minimum requirement. There are several reasons to perform blood tests more often: Experience more unusual symptoms– these can include anything such as fatigue, weight gain, unexplained pains. Improving health – Knowing the levels of different components in the blood. Example: blood lipid level in order to reduce them and minimize unhealthy habits in your diet and lifestyle. Ditto sugar levels, thyroid functions and more. Reduce the risk of diseases or complications- Regular blood tests can detect warning signs of almost any disease, including diabetes, kidney failure, and various types of cancer. Request a referral from a doctor regarding blood tests often or contact us privately to perform tests without a referral.
  • What tests are recommended to be performed as a start?
    Regular blood test is one of the ways to monitor the general health of the body.The most common blood tests are: blood count andChemistry. Additional tests can be performed:Thyroid test Vitamin testIron profile testHormone testViral disease testingCancer markers test.STD test (urine)
  • What is the procedure for performing blood tests?
    You should contact us by phone or WhatsApp regarding the intended test. We give preliminary instructions regarding the test.Adjust the date and time for taking the blood sample. You can come to us at the station or we will send you a brother/sister to your home.
  • When can the tests be arranged?
    Whenever you want, it is necessary to coordinate a date in advance according to the type of test.
  • Where are the tests performed?
    The sampling is performed at us or at your place of your choice (of course by coordination) and the tests themselves are performed in laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Health.
  • Is fasting necessary?
    Everything we eat and drink contains vitamins, proteins, minerals and other substances that can cause certain test levels to rise or fall temporarily.Fasting for 8-12 hours helps ensure that the test results are free of these variables and as accurate as possible. Some common tests that may require fasting:Cholesterolblood sugarLiver functionKidney functions In principle, you can drink plain water while fasting, but you should in any case ask your brother / sister about the blood test you are performing, whether they require fasting.
  • How long does it take for the test results to arrive?
    The results of the test can arrive within hours to several days and even several weeks depending on the type of test, the amount of tests and depending on when the sample was taken. Example:The results of the counting and chemistry tests, which are the common tests, should be available the same day within a few hours.As above, pregnancy test, blood count, iron blood coagulation, urine test and more.A vitamin test can be several daysVirus tests can also take up to several weeks.Tests that are sent abroad in about 10-30 days.The representative should be asked about the type of test required.
  • How do the results come?
    The results arrive directly to the e-mail of the person ordering the test. The same email he wrote in the consent form. There are cases that can be sent directly to WhatsApp, this must be requested in advance.
  • special tests
    Special tests are usually complex tests and it is recommended to have a referral to a doctor who can decipher them and continue the required treatment according to the results of the tests.
  • What about confidentiality?
    It should be noted that confidentiality is guaranteed. The information of the tests reaches only the customer himself.The medical information is not in the database of the health funds or insurance companies.
  • Is the test painful or dangerous?
    The blood test should not be painful and should not be dangerous if it is taken in a professional manner by a skilled nurse. As a principle, we employ skilled and professional nurses who have years of experience in blood sampling.We take small children and adults chemotherapy patients who have very hard veins.Usually the blood sample is taken in one puncture.We have a technique for performing a sample with minimal pain and minimal anxiety for those sampled who are afraid of a blood sample.

Did you know that...
70% of medical decisions are influenced by the results of laboratory tests!

Corona PCR test at your home!

The most reliable test for detecting corona
Results within 24 hours, automatically transmitted to the Ministry of Health

Institutional antigen test for flying abroad - until home.

The test is approved by the Ministry of Health without the need for a referral.

Results within 15 minutes, recognized for the purpose of traveling abroad including receiving an official test permit in English valid for leaving the country.

Corona serology test at your home!

The most reliable test for detecting corona antibodies
Results once a week, automatically transmitted to the Ministry of Health
Protein N can also be performed for convalescents in order to test the amount of antibodies.

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